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I must have been nine or ten years old when I saw my first Van Gogh. It was a picture of, 'The Starry Night' on a postcard and I was completely in awe of it. Unaware of the name of the painting at that time, I was just so fascinated by the colors the way in which the sky had been painted. There was so much movement in the drawing. Were those clouds? Stars? Lights?  I wanted to know, why the artist painted the picture this way? Was he in a hurry? Or maybe excited about something? I copied it and put it up in my room. Of course, it was much later that I found out the reasons for those frenzied strokes and the tragedy of this great artists life. But that's for later on in our story. I hope as we go back in time together and embark on this exciting journey, you too will feel the same passion for these artists and their work as I do. So the next time you visit a new place, or have a couple of hours to kill, ditch the mall and go to the local museum or gall