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Pictographic Manuscripts - The Aztec Codex

Young Citlali climbs up to the upper deck of the ship to get a better view of the night sky. He looks up at the star laden heavens and smiles. His name means 'Star' in colloquial Nahuatl. He takes a deep breath and enjoys the cool sea breeze. The year is 1541 and the ship is sailing to Spain, it's laden with expensive gifts and jewels for the Spanish king, Emperor Charles V. However, the most precious object on board that ship is an Aztec codex called the 'Codex Mendoza'. Suddenly Citlali hears a gun shot followed by another one in quick succession. He turns around and sees a French pirate ship close on the starboard side. He quickly sounds an alarm but its too late. The pirates are already aboard. A fierce fight takes place late into the night and Citali is fatally wounded. After a fierce battle, the pirates take over the ship and plunder everything on board. The Codex Mendoza never made it to Spain. It ended up in France instead. In France, the Codex was a